How To Approach A Woman

Women get hit on a lot more often than men do. If they’re beautiful then they always get approached, often times by creepy drunk guys. So this means that they’re already with their guard up every time someone even goes up to them. So your goal should be to disarm them and let them know you’re not some weirdo. Rater than just telling them that, you’ll have to show them. Here’s a few tips on how to approach a woman in a public place.

- Be presentable. Get a hair cut, shave, smell good, wear nice clothing. If you can take care of yourself that good maybe you can take care of her too.

- Make eye contact, but don’t stare. Let her know that you noticed her. A small smile does the trick too.

- Approach her and make a casual comment or a question. The more you get her to talk the better.

- Watch her personal space. Don’t get too close, don’t stare at her.

- Make her laugh, a woman loves a great personality. But don’t go trying too hard and cracking jokes, you’re not performing for her.

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