How To Get Laid Using Facebook

Facebook, as well as other social networking sites, is a great way to meet, chat and hook up with beautiful women. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

– Don’t bug her too much. If you send a message and she doesn’t reply, don’t send another one. There are so many girls out there, just move on. Women hate men who are annoying little bastards.

– Don’t send an instant message. You don’t know where she is or who she’s with. A private message to her inbox is the way to go.

– Don’t write on her wall. Whatever you write there is public to everyone on her friends list,  including her family.

– Don’t send a friend request first. Some girls do add a bunch of people, while others only add their real friends. Let them send you a friend request.

– Don’t poke her. Man up and do something different. This is just as bad as honking your horn at a woman in the street.

– Take it off-line. Don’t get stuck in ‘e-friend land’. Use Facebook as the introduction and nothing more.

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